The perfect way to slim your face is to eliminate that chin fat. Double chin makes your face bigger than the real one so ban the fat and redefine your jawline by fat reduction method and complete the journey from Stubborn to Slim with the innovative technique of breaking the barriers. People consume a lot of processed food, high salt and sugary items, and genetic issues make it bullheaded. So, Say goodbye to Double Chin: Kybella Treatment in Abu Dhabi. Read on to learn more about the procedure, benefits and cost of Kybella.

What is Kybella?

Kybella treatment is an efficient and FDA-approved method which is minimally invasive. The non-surgical treatment is used for the reduction of the fat from under the chin area with injectable deoxycholic acid. The deoxycholic acid solution can break the wall of fats without affecting the beneficial cells. Hence, it’s a natural substance that is easily acceptable for the body without any side effects.


This is a valuable double chin removal procedure that increases the natural beauty of the neck, redefines the jawline and gives a slimmer effect to the face. Although, it enhances the overall look and makes a more attractive and lifted appearance. The outcomes are as close as possible to a magical solution.

How does it work?

Kybella injection is the alternative solution to minimize the appearance of the double chin. it is considered a replacement solution for liposuction. A widely adopted treatment destroys the submental fat around the different areas but dermatologists mainly use it for chin fat reduction. The injectable substance creates a fine jawline, stronger neck muscles and a more appealing look with guaranteed results.

Optimal candidate of Kybella:

The optimal candidates for Kybella are:

  • The individual who wants to reduce the double-chin

  • The person who doesn’t want a surgical solution

  • If you have stubborn fat which is not dissolving through exercise and diet

  • If you have saggy and bulky skin and you are conscious about it

  • A candidate goes for risk-free methodology 

  • If the nominee is concerned about side effects and long recovery time 

  • Individuals who have better elasticity of the skin

Benefits of Kybella:

The benefits of Kybella treatments are mentioned below:

  • It reduced fat from the chin area within 4 to 6 weeks

  • Slimming effect on the face and creating longevity in the neck

  • Natural process with almost zero adverse effects

  • Increase self-assurance and confidence

  • No cuts and no incisions are involved in this method

  • A special design procedure for chin submental fat

  • The quick process takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete

  • Long-lasting outcome and fast-acting solution

  • Noticeable definition in the jawline

  • Visible outcomes after a single session

  • It provides a high level of satisfaction without surgical procedure

  • Enhance the youthful appearance and contoured features

Preps for Kybella:

It’s time to unleash your inner beauty queen with Kybella. so make some preparations for the procedure:

  • First of all, have an honest conversation with your doctor to decide about the objective and aesthetic goals.

  • If you have any health issues or seasonal infection then you must inform your health provider.

  • Also, discuss past surgeries and medical history.

  • Skip alcoholic and sugary drinks they cause blemishes

  • Before the treatment, avoid high sodium-containing foods

  • Stay hydrated and eat healthy food to recover fast

  • Don’t apply any cream, lotion or cosmetics product on your skin 


Time to win the war with the double-chin reduction procedure. This is a quick process that only takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The steps are released below:

  • Firstly cleanse the target region with a gentle cleanser

  • After cleansing the expert dermatologist marks the area where the fat is stored

  • Apply a numbing cream on the chin area and then local anaesthesia is given to reduce the hardship

  • Infused the solution of deoxycholic acid and cytolytic agent with a fine needle under the chin area.

  • Apply a soothing cream to mild the discomfort at the end of the session

Post-procedure instructions of Kybella:

The after advice is strictly followed because it results in the long run and faster outcomes. Some instructions are mentioned below:

  • Don’t touch or rub the treated area.

  • Keep your head upright above the level of the heart to reduce swelling

  • Avoid salty food and sugary drinks

  • Skip any hard exercise that causes sweating

  • Stay away from extreme temperatures or any heat exposure

  • Makeup products are avoided for a limited time

  • Eat healthy and well-balanced food to recover fast

  • Avoid any intense activity like running, swimming or exercise for a few days

  • A little redness and swelling are at the peak for 3 to 4 days which fade out shortly

  • Don’t smoke, It reduces the blood flow and disturbs the healing process.

  • Self-medication is strictly banned after the treatment to abstain from reactions

Risks and rare side effects:

Some risk factors and rare side effects are recorded, which included:

  • Skin infections in the treatment area

  • Risky for pregnant women and nursing mothers

  • Temporarily damages the nerves and tissues

  • Swelling, redness and bruising for a few weeks

  • In a few unique cases, swallowing and numbness felt 

Cost of Kybella:

Kybella is less expensive than other fat-reduction methods. but the actual price depends on so many factors which are:

  • The method of Kybella used for fat reduction, tightens the cheekbones and neck area.

  • The qualification of expert, their experience and trained staff

  • The region or area where the clinic is located impacts the price

  • Anaesthesia price, anaesthetist and their service higher the cost of the procedure

  • The number of sessions is according to the individual need but patients are not able to take more than six sessions.

Preference of selection:

Prefer us to select ultra-advanced and innovative procedures in the light of expert dermatologists and cosmetologists. we provide treatments at affordable prices in a specific environment. Our clinic has flexible and convenient hours to educate patients about risks and make better health decisions through a natural approach. At Enfield Royal Clinic, Abu Dhabi, our main purpose is to treat causes according to preferences and needs and provide them with long-lasting and permanent results.

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