Honda, a name synonymous with reliability, fuel efficiency, and performance, offers a compelling selection of cars in India. But with a budget of 10 lakhs, which Honda car emerges as the champion? This comprehensive guide dives deep into the features, specifications, and driving dynamics of the contenders, helping you navigate your path to the ideal Honda companion.

The Sole Contender: Honda Amaze

In 2024, it will reign supreme as the sole contender within the honda cars under 10 lakh price range. This subcompact sedan, known for its spacious interiors, refined driving experience, and impressive fuel economy, caters to a wide range of car buyers. Let’s delve into the specifics that make the Amaze such a strong contender:

  • Engine Options: The Amaze comes with petrol engines that prioritize fuel efficiency, offering mileage figures in the range of 18-24 kilometers per liter, depending on the variant and driving conditions.

  • Transmission: The Amaze provides the flexibility of a 5-speed manual transmission for those seeking a more engaged driving experience. Additionally, a continuously variable transmission (CVT) is available for a smoother and more comfortable ride, particularly in city traffic.

  • Features and Comfort: The Amaze doesn’t compromise on comfort or convenience. It offers features like a touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, automatic climate control, cruise control, and a sunroof in higher variants. The spacious cabin boasts comfortable seating for five adults, with ample legroom and headroom.

  • Safety: Safety remains a top priority for Honda cars. The Amaze comes equipped with dual airbags, ABS with EBD, and rear parking sensors as standard. Higher variants offer additional safety features like side airbags and a lane departure warning system.

  • Design: The Amaze sports a sleek and modern design language. The sculpted lines, chrome accents, and sharp headlights create a stylish presence on the road.

Exploring Your Needs: Matching the Amaze to Your Lifestyle

While the Amaze presents a compelling overall package, understanding your specific needs is crucial to ensure it’s the perfect fit. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Fuel Efficiency: If fuel economy is your primary concern, the petrol variant of the Amaze is an excellent choice. It delivers impressive mileage figures, making it ideal for daily commutes or frequent highway trips.

  • Power and Performance: If you prioritize power and a more spirited driving experience, the 1.5-liter diesel engine might be a better match. However, keep in mind that diesel variants typically come at a slightly higher price point.

  • Transmission Preference: For a more engaging driving experience, especially for enthusiasts, the manual transmission could be the preferred option. However, the convenience and comfort of the CVT, particularly in city traffic, shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Features and Technology: The features offered by the Amaze vary depending on the variant. Choose a variant that aligns with your needs. For instance, if a sunroof or a lane departure warning system are essential, ensure you select a variant that includes them.

Financing and Ownership Considerations

Once you’ve chosen your ideal Honda cars variant, explore financing options through banks or dealerships. Carefully evaluate loan terms and interest rates to get the best deal. Remember, the on-road price of the car will differ from the ex-showroom price due to the addition of road tax, registration charges, and insurance. Factor in these costs when determining your final budget.

Owning a car comes with additional expenses beyond the purchase price. Consider the cost of regular maintenance, fuel, and insurance when making your decision.

Conclusion: The Honda Amaze – A Strong Contender in the 10 Lakh Segment


While the Honda Amaze stands alone in the 10 lakh price range for Honda cars in 2024, it offers a compelling value proposition. With its combination of fuel efficiency, comfort, features, safety, and stylish design, the Amaze caters to a wide range of car buyers. By carefully considering your needs, taking a test drive, and exploring financing options, you can determine if the Honda Amaze is the perfect car to navigate your journeys.