Are you confused in deciding which country to opt for pursuing your higher studies?  Then, no worry! We have brought you a piece of news that will blow your confusion away. According to the latest stats, Ireland is the top country that students are opting for to pursue their higher studies. It is now known as the new hub for international students.

So, to bring more clarity, we have shared some reasons with you that will help you decide whether to choose Ireland as your next academic stop or not.

Some Best Reasons to Pursue Your Higher Studies in Ireland

Reason#1: Variety of Courses

Most international students are moving towards Ireland to pursue higher academic education due to the availability of a wide variety of courses. Ireland is famous for its quality education, but now it is catering to students’ needs along with the latest educational fields.

Previously, it was famous for its IT department, but now it is garnering praise for disciplines like; business analytics, pharmaceutical sciences, investment banking and finance, business studies, construction etc.

You know what? Leading Irish universities are offering more than five 5,000 programs to choose from.

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Reason#2: Opportunities for Employment

When going for higher studies in any country, the biggest concern for any student is getting a job after completing the degree. Hence, Ireland provides you with this opportunity. It is the hub of more than a thousand leading multinational firms. So, as soon as you complete the degree, you might land with a job in your hand. Amazing, right?

Further, this country has the presence of established European headquarters like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, GSK, Pfizer etc. Also, it is the second most desired country after Singapore for FDI – Foreign Direct Investment.

Reason#3: Ultimate Safety

Another issue which is quite big these days for international students is their safety. Ireland actually provides ultimate safety measures to the learners. It provides an easy student life as compared to other countries. Here, you will have your period hassle-free. This is one of the major reasons for international students opt to study here.

Also, the reputation of Ireland as the safest country has attracted more than forty thousand students from almost one hundred and sixty-two nations to pursue their further education in the country.

Reason#4: Great Travel Experience

Who does not love exploring the places of the country that they visit for the first time in their life? I am sure, everyone loves to do so irrespective of age.

So, what about students who plan their studies in this amazing country? Of course, every student who visits Ireland for the first time enjoys the travel experience so much. Because it is one of the famous tourist destinations. Ireland is famous for its greenery and natural beauty.

Hence, if you get the chance to study here then visiting all the famous places in Ireland is a must!

Reason#5: Best for Learning English

As you know English is the international lingua franca – that means it is the most suitable and acceptable business language which you find in every other country. So, Ireland is allowing you to gain mastery of this language.

Irish people are great at conversations and love to chat, so studying and living here will ultimately enhance all your areas of English, be it speaking, writing, reading or listening.

Further, Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone. Hence, you won’t need to study any other language prior because most of the courses here are offered in English.

Reason#6: Easy Access to Do Own Business

One of the best reasons to choose Ireland for continuing higher studies is the opportunity and easy access to establish your own business here. For students who do not prefer a job and want to start something on their own, selecting this country is the most viable option.

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Reason#7: Affordable Cost Of Living

Many students who wish to pursue higher degrees in recognized international universities, stop dreaming further due to financial constraints. Also, most of the students leave the opportunity, as they can’t bear the expenses of living in a particular country.

Therefore, Ireland is the new hub for international students because it provides a low cost of living. Isn’t it amazing?

You can now fulfil all your career dreams here. On average, students spend between 6,500 to 11,000 euros per year. However, the cost varies and depends on the accommodation type, where you study in Ireland and what kind of lifestyle you choose.

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Reason#8: Internationally Acclaimed

Ireland is internationally acclaimed for providing the best of the best education. It doesn’t compromise the quality of learning and teaching practices. It makes sure to give students a lifetime experience. The QQI body maintains the education standard here. And as a result, it meets all the international standards of education.

Further, this country is not only reputable in providing qualitative studies but also it comes in the top one per cent in the research field. So, if you are a researcher, then you have higher chances for professional growth.


How much study gap is acceptable in Ireland?

There is no such limit defined for the study gap. Universities, generally in Ireland, are accepting of study gaps as they understand the reasons behind having so.

How long can I stay in Ireland after completion of my degree?

Well, if you do a regular bachelor’s, you can stay in Ireland for up to five months. However, if you pursue an honors bachelor’s degree, you can stay up to eleven or twelve months.

Is doing IELTS necessary for Ireland?

No, it is not as necessary. However, attempting the test and achieving a higher score is advisable. This will help make your application process easier.

How can I get PR in Ireland after studying?

You can simply get PR (Permanent Residence) after studying by living for almost five to six years in Ireland but with valid work authorization.

Wrap UP!

Well wrapping it up! These were just a few reasons to pursue your higher studies in Ireland. Academic qualification is an essential part of every student’s life; achieving this with flying colours is a dream. Your whole future depends on it. Right?

So, if you are truly concerned about your future and do not want to take any chances, then you can blindly trust the Ireland option. You won’t regret your choice.

Hope this blog has cleared your doubts and confusion, but you can still research further to satisfy your heart and mind because, in the end, the decision is yours.