Surviving with diabetic conditions is quite difficult for many people. Often they panic about the rise in blood sugar levels and suffer from short-term or long-term complications related to wounds not healing on time, obesity or sudden weight loss, and kidney and heart problems. Such concerns make those diabetic patients constantly monitor their glucose levels, increasing or decreasing their weight and diet.

Rather than feeling sad or worried about increasing sugar levels, one should be proactive in dealing with it. Exercise or yoga is the best way to improve the heart and body conditions. Let’s explore the best exercise for diabetes management:

1. Brisk walking

It is a low-impact exercise that you can do daily in a nearby park or at the side of the road by covering 100 steps per minute. You can continue practicing such exercise for nearly 15 minutes or 1 hour. It will help in utilizing your insulin in the right way.

It will reverse your insulin resistance if you are suffering from type 2 diabetic conditions. It will stimulate the uptake of sugar by the cells or muscles. You will forget about worrying about diabetes and its related complications. Rather, you might get absorbed in the surroundings of nature and have fun with your friends.

2. Team sports

Participating in team sports like basketball, tennis, and football will regain your energy and stamina back from prediabetes days. You will also experience healthy weight loss. It will be the best exercise for diabetes as it will allow you to interact with the team members, and learn and experience new things while practicing or playing outdoor games.

Your mind and eyes will be set on managing the ball with your hand, or tennis racket, or kicking back and forth with your legs. Such team activities will lower your cortisol levels and channel your energies towards positive aspects of life. You will get better day by day and feel relieved from rising sugar levels if you are regularly participating in team sports.

3. Dance 

Practicing dance of any form happens to be another best exercise for diabetes. You will enjoy performing any of the movements or dance steps of classical or modern form. You can take dance lessons from any dance institute or practice at home by watching videos on the Internet. Get into the outfit for dancing and practice dance steps by watching Zumba tutorials online. 

All you need to do is spending time of 20 to 30 minutes every day on any dance lesson which will pay positive returns for your diabetic conditions. Vigorous dance exercises will make you sweat, release glucose from the body, and help balance the body fluids and fats. You will stop taking stress related to blood sugar and its complications. 

4. Yoga

Many diabetics may not feel comfortable practicing exercises outdoors. For them, practicing yoga will be the suitable alternative for bringing your rising sugar levels down, balancing your doshas, and lowering your body fats.

The yoga asanas for diabetes like Pashchimottanasana, shavasana, surya namaskar and even certain mudras with the fingers of your hands, you will be able to release excess blood sugar from your body and tackle stress naturally. Above all, you will be able to maintain yourself in an upright mood and that would help in optimizing your blood sugar metabolism.

5. Pedaling 

The majority of diabetic patients have been detected with joint problems or inflammatory arthritis. Pedaling on a cycle regularly for 15 minutes to half an hour will improve blood circulation in the stiff joints and increase flexibility. Cycling indoors or outdoors will make a lot of difference in your diabetic conditions in a positive way. 

6. Swimming 

During summer, you can go swimming to heal your stiff joints. Engaging in deep water swimming or shallow water running will be more impactful on the diabetic person than land-related exercises. Swimming happens to improve the entire metabolism and health conditions and that may include the body’s joints, skeletal system and muscles.

Any form of aqua sport will bring flexibility to your joints, relax your muscles and boost strong cardiovascular health. It will aid in burning calories and managing the blood sugar level. Depending on the intensity of your swimming activity, you will experience a spike in insulin levels.

7. Skipping 

In other words, it is known to be a jumping rope which we have used in our childhood days. It is a high intensity and another best exercise for diabetes. You will be using a rope to constantly jump over it for 5 minutes to 10 minutes every day. You will release your excess fats, sugar and other toxins through the sweating process after skipping. It will improve your heart rate and energize and relax your muscles, joints and also your mind.

8. Resistance band and weight lifting

Using resistance bands twice or thrice a day for 10 to 15 minutes, you can improve your muscle strength in any part of your body. You will be holding both ends of the resistance band with your hands and stretching it or using your feet to step on it and stretch it. It aids in balancing the lipid level and improving the cardiovascular health.

It also regulates your body’s glucose and optimizes your weight. Alternatively, you can also go ahead with weight lifting which enables your muscles’ potency to glucose in the form of glycogen and thus helps in lowering your blood sugar.

9. Calisthenics 

You will be adjusting your body in different postures to improve your muscles and lower your extended tummy and unhealthy fats. Either you will be lying with your chest and face towards the floor and performing push-ups and pull-ups or allowing yourself to lower your body in a squat pose after shifting from the standing position by setting hips and feet width apart. Such exercises will alter the joint problems, improve glucose uptake by the muscles and balance the blood sugar metabolism.

Henceforth, instead of taking expensive diabetic medications and daily insulin shots,

You must allow your body to improve the insulin from within with the help of such exercises, a low glycemic diet and drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water.

You can use Ayush 82 tablets made from extracts of karela, jamun seeds and mango seeds. It is an effective Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes type 1 and type 2. 

If you maintain your lifestyle in an Ayurvedic way then managing diabetes and related complications will become easier for you.


Diabetes management can be challenging, leading to complications like wound healing delays, obesity, and kidney and heart problems. Regular exercise and yoga can help manage diabetes effectively, regain energy, and promote healthy weight loss. Dance and yoga release excess blood sugar, and regular pedal exercises improve blood circulation and flexibility. These exercises can improve overall health and well-being.