The UAE is known for its dynamic economy and technological advancements, making it a hotspot for the latest gadgets, including the iconic iPhone. With each new release, Apple enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the unveiling of cutting-edge features and sleek designs. However, along with innovation comes the inevitable question: how much does it cost? This comprehensive guide into the intricacies of Used iPhone pricing in the UAE explores factors influencing costs and provides insights into where to find the best deals.

Understanding iPhone Pricing

Before delving into specific iPhone models and their prices in the UAE, it’s essential to understand the factors that contribute to their varying costs. Several elements influence iPhone pricing, including:

Model and Specifications: The price of an iPhone is primarily determined by its model and specifications. Flagship models, such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, tend to be more expensive due to their advanced features and larger storage capacities.

Storage Capacity: Used iPhones have different storage options, ranging from 64GB to 1TB. Higher storage capacities command a higher price, catering to users with extensive multimedia and app storage needs.

Currency Exchange Rates: The fluctuating currency exchange rates can impact iPhone prices in the UAE, especially since Apple products are priced in US dollars globally.

Taxes and Duties: Import duties, value-added tax (VAT), and other levies imposed by the UAE government contribute to the final retail price of iPhones in the country.

Now, let’s explore the prices of various iPhone models available in the UAE:

iPhone 13 Series

The iPhone 13 series represents Apple’s latest flagship lineup, featuring the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. As of [current date], the prices for these models in the UAE are as follows:

iPhone 13: The starting price for the iPhone 13 (64GB) in the UAE is approximately AED 3,399.

iPhone 13 Mini: The iPhone 13 Mini (64GB) starts at around AED 2,999 in the UAE.

iPhone 13 Pro: For the iPhone 13 Pro (128GB), expect to pay approximately AED 4,199.

iPhone 13 Pro Max: The iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) starts at around AED 4,699 in the UAE.

iPhone 12 Series

The iPhone 12 series continues to be a popular choice for consumers, offering a balance of performance and value. Here are the prices for the iPhone 12 lineup in the UAE:

iPhone 12: The iPhone 12 (64GB) starts at approximately AED 2,999 in the UAE.

iPhone 12 Mini: For the iPhone 12 Mini (64GB), expect to pay around AED 2,599.

iPhone 12 Pro: The iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) starts at approximately AED 3,899.

iPhone 12 Pro Max: The iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB) is priced at around AED 4,199 in the UAE.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE appeals to users seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising performance. As of [current date], the iPhone SE (64GB) is available in the UAE at a starting price of approximately AED 1,699.

Factors Influencing iPhone Prices in the UAE

In addition to the factors above, several other variables influence iPhone prices in the UAE:

Demand and Supply: Fluctuations in demand and supply can impact iPhone prices, especially during product launches and promotional events.

Retailer Margins: Retailers may adjust prices based on their profit margins, leading to variations in pricing across different outlets.

Promotional Offers: Retailers often offer promotional discounts, trade-in deals, and bundle packages, providing consumers with opportunities to save on their iPhone purchases.

Seasonal Sales: Seasonal sales events, such as the Dubai Shopping Festival and Gitex Shopper, present consumers with opportunities to purchase iPhones at discounted prices.

Where to Buy iPhones in the UAE:

When purchasing an iPhone in the UAE, consumers have several options:

Apple Retail Stores: Apple operates retail stores in prominent locations across the UAE, offering a premium shopping experience and access to the latest products.

Authorized Resellers: Authorised resellers, such as Sharaf DG, Jumbo Electronics, and Emax, provide a wide selection of iPhones with added services such as warranties and financing options.

Online Retailers: E-commerce platforms like Noon, Technoor, and offer convenient options for purchasing iPhones online, with doorstep delivery services.

Mobile Network Operators: Telecommunication providers like Etisalat and du offer iPhones bundled with mobile plans, allowing consumers to spread the cost over monthly installments.

Mobile Condition

When purchasing a mobile phone, especially a high-value device like an iPhone, it’s crucial to consider its condition. Here are some common terms used to describe the condition of mobile phones:

Brand New: A new mobile phone is unused and comes in original packaging with all accessories included. It has not been previously owned or used by any other individual.

Like New: A mobile phone described as “like new” is pristine, with no signs of wear or damage. It may have been used briefly but has been well-maintained and shows minimal to no cosmetic flaws.

Refurbished: Refurbished mobile phones have been previously owned or used but have undergone thorough testing, repairs, and cleaning to restore them to a like-new condition. They typically come with a warranty and may be sold at a discounted price compared to brand-new devices.

Used/Pre-Owned: Used or pre-owned mobile phones have been previously owned and may show signs of wear, such as scratches, scuffs, or dents. The extent of wear will vary depending on the device’s age and usage history.


The UAE presents a vibrant marketplace for iPhone enthusiasts, with various models and purchasing options to suit every preference and budget. Understanding the factors that influence iPhone prices and knowing where to find the best deals empowers consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. Whether in the market for the latest flagship model or seeking a budget-friendly option, the UAE offers many choices for iPhone enthusiasts.


Q. Are iPhones cheaper in the UAE than in other countries?

A. Various factors, including taxes, import duties, and currency exchange rates, influence iPhone pricing in the UAE. While prices may vary slightly compared to other countries, these factors must be considered when evaluating the overall cost.

Q. Can I purchase an iPhone without a contract in the UAE?

A. Yes! You can buy an iPhone without a contract in the UAE. Many retailers offer unlocked iPhones that can be purchased outright, allowing you to use them with any compatible carrier or SIM card.

Q. Do iPhones in the UAE come with a warranty?

A. Yes! iPhones purchased from authorized retailers in the UAE typically come with a standard warranty provided by Apple or the retailer. The warranty duration may vary depending on the model and retailer policies.

Q. Can I trade in my old iPhone when purchasing a new one in the UAE?

A. Yes! Many retailers and mobile network operators in the UAE offer trade-in programs where you can exchange your old iPhone for credit towards purchasing a new one. The value of your old device will depend on its condition and model.

Q. Are installment plans available for iPhone purchases in the UAE?


A. Several UAE retailers and mobile network operators offer installment plans for iPhone purchases. These plans allow you to spread the cost of the device over a set period, usually with 0% interest.