Find out that the credentials for the name on your JetBlue ticket are not correct? or managing the process of altering one’s legal name? Should the airline name change policy permit name changes or modifications, you shouldn’t be concerned. As soon as the airline issues the ticket, name changes on the PNR are allowed by policy. However, the ticket cannot be transferred to another individual. For additional information about Jetblue name correction online and offline, including policies, and processes, keep reading. 

Terms and Conditions of JetBlue Policy Regarding Name Changes

It is possible for passengers flying with JetBlue to change or amend their airline tickets. However, you must consider certain restrictions.

  • Only if JetBlue is the airline carrier is a name change allowed for the flights that JetBlue operates or validates.

  • To modify your name on a JetBlue ticket, you must show a passport or official identification.

  • The name change policy states that small, one-time name modifications are free within 24 hours of the reservation.

  • The airline allows name changes in the event of a legal consideration, such as a divorce, marriage, or adoption. However, valid documentation must be submitted to justify the official name change.  

  • If a passenger wishes to modify their name significantly or surrender their ticket to someone else, they must cancel the flight and create a new PNR. You might need to pay the Jetblue change flight cost.

  • In compliance with the name change policy, passengers may submit requests for name changes online or offline. 

How Can I Modify My JetBlue Passenger Name?

Jetblue change traveler name on their ticket in three ways: in person at the airport, online through the airline’s mobile application or website, or offline by contacting customer service.

Method 1: Jetblue name correction online

All you have to do is follow the instructions below to change the wrong name on your online flight ticket.

Step 1: Open the JetBlue Airlines mobile app or go to the airline’s website.

Step 2: From the home screen, choose Manage Booking.

Step 3: Type in your last name, ticker number, and confirmation code.

Step 4: Select the name you want to change by clicking the Modify tab. Modify the name to match the passport or a legitimate government identification document. 

Step 5: Cover any fare discrepancies and rebranding expenses for JetBlue.

Step 6: The airline will email you to confirm when the name change is complete.

Method 2: Name Correction Offline

Using offline mode, passengers can also alter or update their name. You will need to contact customer service or visit the airport counter in order to address this with the officials. When you speak with the airline representative, explain the situation and ask them to fix the spelling mistakes. An official ID or travel document that has been approved by the government is required to back the certification. The agent may request payment in order to effect the name change. You will receive confirmation of the JetBlue name change after payment. 


You are provided with a name change policy by JetBlue Airlines. Therefore, you can fix your misspelled name by following a few simple instructions. Make sure, meanwhile, that you follow JetBlue Airlines instructions. For additional information regarding JetBlue airlines name change fee, contact the official helpdesk at 1-855-ADA-LINE. If you have any questions, call the consolidation desk at +1-800-865-1848.