Ever wished your photos could capture the fleeting moments of life a little more vividly? Well, hold onto your hats, Xiaomi fans! While Xiaomi doesn’t have a dedicated “Motion Photos” mode like some other phone brands, their camera app packs a hidden gem – the power to capture stunning bursts of images that can bring your memories to life with a touch of animation.

Why Choose Motion Photos?

You capture a hilarious scene of your pet trying to catch its tail, or a breathtaking waterfall cascading down a mountain. With Motion Photos, you get a burst of frames before and after the shutter is pressed, creating a mini animation that breathes life into your still image. It’s a fantastic way to add a touch of magic to everyday moments, making them more interactive and engaging when you share them with friends and family.

If you’re looking for a way to display photos digitally, some Xiaomi phones even have special screensavers that can rotate through your favorite memories. So while there isn’t a standalone Xiaomi photo frame, your phone can definitely be your own personal digital picture window!

Unveiling the Types of Motion Photos on Xiaomi

There are actually two ways to achieve a motion photo effect with your Xiaomi phone:

Long press Capture: This is the most intuitive method. Simply open the Camera app on your Xiaomi phone and switch to Photo mode. Now, instead of tapping the shutter button once, hold it down for a few seconds. This triggers a burst capture, recording a sequence of frames before and after you release your finger. When you view the captured image, you’ll see a special indicator that it’s a Motion Photo.

Using Burst Mode: Xiaomi also offers a dedicated Burst Mode that lets you capture a rapid sequence of images. To access this, switch to Photo mode and tap the three horizontal lines in the top corner. Here, you’ll find the “Burst” option. Once activated, hold down the shutter button to capture a flurry of frames. While not technically a Motion Photo, this burst of images allows you to manually select the best frame or create a fun slideshow effect using editing tools.

Benefits of Using Motion Photos with Your Xiaomi

There are several advantages to utilizing Motion Photos on your Xiaomi:

Capture fleeting moments: Motion Photos excel at grabbing those precious in-between moments that a single still image might miss. Did your child score the winning goal? A Motion Photo can capture the entire sequence, adding excitement to the memory.

Enhanced storytelling: Instead of just a static picture, Motion Photos offer a peek into the action before and after the moment you captured. This adds context and allows you to tell a more captivating story with your photos.

Interactive sharing: Many social media platforms now support Motion Photos. Sharing these animated images on platforms like Facebook or Instagram lets your friends and followers experience the captured moment in a more dynamic way.

Capturing Your Own Motion Photos with Xiaomi: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to dive into the world of Motion Photos with your Xiaomi? Here’s a simple guide:

Open the Camera App: Locate and launch the Camera app on your Xiaomi phone.

Switch to Photo Mode: Ensure you’re in the standard Photo mode. This is usually the default mode when you open the Camera app.

Capture Using Long Press: For the first method, hold down the shutter button for a few seconds. The phone will automatically capture a burst of frames.

Alternatively, Use Burst Mode: Tap the three horizontal lines in the top corner, select “Burst,” and then hold the shutter button to capture a sequence of images.

Reviewing Your Motion Photos: Once captured, head over to your gallery. Motion Photos will have a special indicator, usually a small play button or a burst icon, differentiating them from regular photos.


While Xiaomi doesn’t have a dedicated “Motion Photos” mode, the methods we’ve discussed allow you to capture stunning bursts of frames, adding a touch of movement and life to your still images. Whether it’s a playful pet or a breathtaking landscape, Motion Photos offer a unique way to preserve your memories in a more engaging and interactive format. So, the next time you reach for your Xiaomi phone to capture a special moment, consider using these techniques to create captivating Motion Photos that will truly stand out.


Do all Xiaomi phones support Motion Photos?

Most recent Xiaomi phones, including popular models like the Redmi Note series and the Mi 11 series, can capture Motion Photos using the methods described above. However, it’s always a good idea to check your specific phone’s manual or explore the Camera app settings to confirm if the functionality is available.