Traditional credit cards usually levy annual and joining charges. These can increase your cost of maintaining the card, but it is possible to either get vouchers against their value or have them waived off when you cross certain spending limits.


However, doing this can be cumbersome and make you spend more than you like. A lifetime-free credit card, as the name suggests, does not impose any annual fee whatsoever, making it an attractive option.


With a lifetime-free credit card, you can benefit from credit card offers and rewards, along with cost savings. 


Advantages Of A Lifetime-Free Credit Card

No-fee credit cards offer a suite of benefits, and here is a closer look.

Significant Savings

Annual fees can start at around ₹300 and go up to ₹12,500, based on the type of card you get. Though this may seem nominal, these charges can significantly stack up over the course of your usage, especially if you have multiple credit cards.


Opting for a lifetime-free credit card saves you from these recurring expenses without having to give up on the financial flexibility that credit cards offer. 

Hassle-Free Credit Card Maintenance

Usually, credit card issuers offer cardholders certain vouchers or waive off the annual membership fee on spending a specific amount. However, with lifetime-free credit cards, you can skip the hassle of tracking vouchers or ensuring to cross a certain spending threshold. This makes maintaining the card easier without the need to monitor the waiver of such fees. 

Straightforward Credit-Building 

These credit cards are great for beginners, newbies, and those looking to build a positive credit history. In such cases, you can avail of all the benefits that a traditional credit card offers without the periodic extra cost. 

Discounts, Vouchers And Cashback

You can enjoy monetary benefits in the form of discounts or cashback on certain purchases and transactions via these credit cards. Many issuers have tie-ups with certain brands and companies that provide special offers on various categories like groceries, dining, entertainment, electronics, travel and leisure.

Wider Access 

Since applicants can get this card without an initial fee, a wider audience can leverage the benefits of this instrument. This accessibility is an added advantage if you are a university-going student or a young professional who has just earned your first paycheck! 


Top Lifetime-Free Credit Cards In India 

There are multiple credit cards that charge zero joining and yearly fees. Here are a few of the top issuers in India, along with their unique offerings. 

  1. One Credit Card

  • 5X rewards in top 2 spending categories 

  • Full-stack app that allows you to set limits with ease

  • Avail offers around you in just one swipe 

  1. Shoppers Stop HDFC Bank Credit Card

  • Welcome offers that are redeemable at all Shoppers Stop stores 

  • Up to 3 reward points on all purchases made at Shoppers Stop

  • More safety with UPI payment options on linking card with UPI

  1. Amazon pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

  • Reward points are redeemable for all products available on Amazon

  • Split Amazon shopping bills into No cost EMI across tenures of 3-6 months 

  • Cashback of up to 5% on all transactions on Amazon 

  1. AU Small Finance Bank LIT Credit Card

  • 5-10X reward points for all domestic and international transactions

  • Cashback on spending on categories like travel, dining, clothing and grocery shopping

  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver on specific spends  

  1. HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

  • Introductory offer of Amazon voucher worth ₹500

  • 5X rewards on transactions after crossing ₹4 Lakhs a year 

  • Convert points into air miles with Singapore Airlines, British Airways and more

Among the plethora of options available, the One Credit Card offers transparency, control, and savings all in one. Since this credit card is built on the shoulders of powerful technology via its app, it caters to the specific needs of tech-savvy consumers. 


How To Apply For One Card Credit Card

Keeping in mind One Credit Card’s commitment to convenience, the application process is fairly straightforward. To apply for a One Credit Card, all you have to do is download the One Credit Card app from the Play Store, open the application, and go to ‘Apply’.


Fill in your personal KYC details, sit back, let your profile be verified, and receive the One Credit Card offer. The onboarding starts instantly after you accept the offer. You can activate your virtual credit card through the app instantly and get the metal credit card delivered to your doorstep over the next few days. 


One Credit Card lets you maximise benefits with reward multipliers, no annual membership fees, multiple offers and discounts. It also lets you manage your bills with confidence, all within a few clicks. This is more than just a financial tool. It is a way of managing your finances efficiently and seeing where you put your money. Apply now for your lifetime-free credit card and experience the power of informed spending!