Black Onyx is a magnificent gemstone with special powers that will help you develop in your life. As the name implies, this gemstone’s translucent look with a vibrant black hue is remarkable. This gemstone looks wonderful when set in a vibrant piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry. Black onyx jewelry is perfect for everyday wear because of its versatility and attractiveness. This gemstone is a member of the onyx gemstone family and delivers good energy into your body. This sterling silver necklace is a charm for everyday use and promotes success.

History and Origins of the Black Onyx Gemstone

Black onyx belongs to the chalcedony mineral family. This gemstone has a long history, dating back to ancient civilizations. The name is derived from the Greek word “onyx,” which means “claw” or “fingernail,” and refers to its ancient use as a material for carving cameos and seals. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans believed it had protective properties against negativity and evil forces. Black onyx jewelry was also worn throughout the Victorian era to express loss and mourning. This gemstone is primarily found in Brazil, India, and Uruguay.

Jewelry Crafted with Black Onyx

Various types of Jewelry are being crafted from this gemstone such are as follows.

Black Onyx Earrings.




Black Onyx earrings are considered superb jewelry for women. These black onyx sterling silver earrings include a range of forms and patterns created by craftsmen, giving attractiveness to the item. Handcrafted black onyx earrings complement both formal and informal attire. Black onyx earrings allow the radiant energy of gemstones to permeate your body.

Black Onyx Rings

These black onyx rings are crafted from 925 sterling silver. These sterling silver onyx rings look magnificent when worn with formal and traditional attire. The versatility of this jewelry allows craftsmen to create separate sterling silver rings for men and women. Wearing black onyx rings allows you to experience the stones’ wonderful energy and wisdom.

Black Onyx Bracelets

Black onyx bracelets are an excellent way to share the benefits of gemstones on your body. These sterling silver bracelets connect to your root chakra points, allowing the energies and positivity of gemstones to flow. Black onyx bracelets have unique designs and themes, making them high-quality pieces of jewelry.

Black Onyx Pendants

The sleek and beautiful design of the black onyx pendants is breathtaking. Craftsmen create personalized/custom pendants for you, adding charm and personality to your jewelry while also reflecting your fashion sense. Silver jewelry is an excellent gift for family, friends, and loved ones. Craftspeople can incorporate several diamonds into black onyx pendants that appear profound.

The importance and characteristics of the black onyx gemstone

Black onyx is associated with important imagery in many countries and is prized for protecting and establishing properties. In terms of power and versatility, it guards against bad energies while cultivating profound stability throughout difficult times. Overall, it has been employed in rituals and activities to drive away evil spirits and boost inner strength. It is now recognized as a charm for discipline and navigation, with the ability to boost focus and confidence. Black onyx is highly valued for its smooth taste and is a popular choice for jewelry that oozes both presentation and significance, conveying eternal charm and strong vitality.


Black Onyx is prized for its protective powers against negative energy and psychic attacks.

It boosts establishment and strength, bringing the user back to the present moment and creating confidence that everything is fine.

This gemstone promotes emotional healing by absorbing and transforming negative emotions while increasing inner strength and flexibility.

It improves mental clarity and concentration while encouraging sane navigation and critical thinking.

It instills a sense of physical and mental fortitude, encouraging endurance in adverse situations.

This gemstone fosters self-control and discipline, which helps to overcome persistent vices and achieve goals.

It encourages deep mindfulness and contemplation activities, resulting in a more grounded connection to the sacred.

Summing Up

Many people have used black onyx jewelry for millennia due to its unique properties and beauty. This gemstone jewelry radiates immense energy and knowledge. This gemstone’s dark tint looks great with any dress or outfit. It is an energy collector that captures natural energy and channels it into your body via sterling silver jewelry to your chakra points.



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