Accessing AWStats in SiteWorx is a straightforward process that empowers website owners with valuable insights into their site’s performance. AWStats is a powerful tool that provides detailed analytics on web traffic, including information on visitors, page views, keywords, and more. By accessing AWStats within SiteWorx, users can gain a deeper understanding of their website’s traffic patterns, allowing them to make informed decisions to enhance their online presence.


To access AWStats in SiteWorx, follow these simple steps:

Login to SiteWorx: Start by logging into your SiteWorx account. SiteWorx is a web hosting control panel that provides users with tools to manage their websites efficiently.



Navigate to Statistics: Once logged in, navigate to the “Statistics” section within SiteWorx. This section typically contains various tools and features related to website analytics.



Select AWStats: Within the “Statistics” section, locate and select the AWStats option. This will open the AWStats interface, where you can view detailed analytics for your website.



Choose Website: If you have multiple websites associated with your SiteWorx account, select the specific website you want to analyze from the available options. AWStats will then generate a report specifically tailored to that website.



Explore Analytics: Once you’ve selected the website, you’ll be presented with a comprehensive dashboard containing various analytics metrics. These metrics may include information such as visitor demographics, traffic sources, popular pages, keywords, and more.



Customize Reports: AWStats offers customization options that allow you to tailor the reports according to your preferences. You can adjust the time period for which you want to view data, apply filters, and explore different sections to gain deeper insights into your website’s performance.



Utilize Insights: Use the insights gained from AWStats to optimize your website and improve its overall performance. Whether it’s identifying areas for content improvement, refining your SEO strategy, or enhancing user experience, AWStats provides valuable data to support your decision-making process.


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